25+ Years Of Saltwater Salmon Fishing Experience

“Having the experience of fishing on the open ocean off the West Coast of Vancouver Island and the fast moving tidal waters of Campbell River enables me to draw on a wide variety of experiences when fishing in my own back yard.”

“Every day on the water is different. The light changes, the water is moving differently. The salmon are there. What’s it going to take to get them to bite?”

“Being able to bring the joy of fishing to guests, family and friends over the years has brought me a continued enjoyment and appreciation of the sport”

“To teach someone how, and then see them catch their first salmon is always a rewarding experience that continually renews my enthusiasm for fishing"

First Fish Charters is owned and operated by Captain Warren Barker. Born and raised on the west coast by a family of avid fishermen, Warren caught his first salmon at the age of six. He’s been hooked ever since!  

Warren’s father and uncles were both fishing guides on the West Coast. Over many years of fishing together they passed on their knowledge and passion of the sport to him. Warren started his guiding career in 1988 in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Since then, he has developed his vast fishing skills in waters all over the Pacific Coast, including the West Coast of Vancouver Island and the lower mainland in and around Vancouver. 

Warren understands the local salmon and west coast waters like few others, and perhaps even more importantly, he just loves to fish. He has put it all together in First Fish Charters where you can count on him to provide you with a productive and enjoyable fishing experience